I was diagnosed two years ago with CLL; a treatable form of Leukemia.  When I first met Olga to begin my four treatment sessions, I was suffering with extreme pain and very low energy.  I was tired all the time, and felt concern when I was driving as I would get so sleepy that I had to pull over and have a quick nap.  

Since my treatments, and one year later, I am still feeling good energy, have avoided colds and viral infections, and my extreme non-stop back pain has left me.  My hematologist and family doctor are both amazed at how well I look, my positive nature, and my amazing energy level. My white blood cell continues to elevate, however, my red blood cells are thriving and remaining at a high level. Normally at this stage, with CLL, my white blood cells would be destroying my red blood cells.  I have been able to avoid chemotherapy treatments.

I attribute my positive, happy outlook, my minimal back pain, and my high energy level to the treatments I have received from Olga Braun.  Because it is a year since my treatments, I will be starting another group of sessions with Olga shortly.

I highly recommend Olga to her future clients because of her amazing healing skills and her sincerity in wanting to help her clients recover from their health and mental disorders that cause them to have a low immunity to infections and viruses, and those who suffer with low energy, and depression.

In simple terms, Olga is an amazing human being and a compassionate healer. She relates to people with ease and makes one feel like the center of the universe. I came to see Olga seeking to improve self-image and confidence. Through working with Olga I have been able to gently and slowly release my old, destructive patterns. As a result, they have been replaced with a new healthy self-image. Olga is 100% committed to her work in order to achieve the best possible results. I go through life now feeling completely free and safe to be as beautiful as I want to be. It has been a pleasure and an honor working with Olga while on this ultimate journey of self-discovery and self-improvement! Thank you so much Olga! 🙂

After 2 sessions with Olga my varicose veins got smoothed. I have highest energy level. Eczema has disappeared. I noticed quite reduced desire for sweets and alcohol.

Testimonial. I want to thank Olga Bron for an amazing session that took off some layers within me. It helped me to trust myself deeper. We sometimes can’t see what the outside of our Vehical looks like when we are sitting inside. Bless you Olga please keep on making the difference that you do. Love and light.

Before the energy treatment I had been already given tests for an operation in the oncology center. After the course, they took a biopsy again and the result of the analysis had changed – this is not an oncology problem and no operation is needed. This situation changed my negative thoughts to positive ones; I desired and believed in recovery. And the desire to recover! My relationship with my children changed too. I realized that they love me and need me.
Thank you, Olga!

Many thanks to Olga for the treatment!
Before the course, I felt anxiety, insecurity and fear of new situations in life. And the accumulated grievances destroyed me.
After the course, self-esteem, confidence, love for myself and for other people increased! There was a sparkle in the eyes and a desire to do something new every day, to reach and receive joy. I stopped taking offense and my relationship with my mother changed. We forgave each other. For me it was very important. I received a huge impulse that changed my life.

Olga was very helpful in teaching me to trust in my abilities and to continue on my own journey to both physical and spiritual wellness.
I found the sessions extremely relaxing and I felt each session feeling refreshed, empowered and even pampered. I highly recommend the Bio-Energy experience with Olga

Olga’s work and clarity were fascinating to experience. I have never felt the different sensations in my body before. I went for four days in a row and slept DEEPLY most of the nights after we did our hour sessions. I have had sleep disruption on and off for over 30 years, though it has improved lately. 

I felt scads and scads of deep old stuck energies literally peel off my arms and legs during the sessions. I had some inner awareness blink on suddenly, and felt very connected in ways I had not experienced before.

Olga was very perceptive and understanding of the situation I was bringing to be addressed, and after a month following her work, I think it has made a difference. I feel happier, more positive and hopeful, and my energy seems to be improving slowing and steadily.

The BioEnergy and Star Magic modalities are fascinating to me. I recommend giving Olga a chance to work with you on it if you have stubborn, stuck challenges that have eluded your ability to release them.

Olga is an amazing healer and intuitive. I came to see Olga when I was feeling very stuck, heavy and also numb. Firstly, I felt very connected and very comfortable with Olga – she is full of peace and love. During our 4 sessions to jump start the healing – I was able to connect to my heart again….to feel many things that I wasn’t allow myself to feel for a very long time. She helped open the door to my feelings and towards my healing. I am grateful to be able to “feel” again. I cry happy tears and sad…and it is a blessing to my soul. My heart is happy to be open again. I am grateful that Olga found her way into my life.

Number of Sessions: 4.
Symptoms: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Social Anxiety, Depression

Before BioEnergy Treatment: Depression, Stiff Neck, Upper Back & Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain
After BioEnergy Treatment: Elevated Mood, Full range of motion in neck and minimal discomfort in back and knees.

The treatment also brought to the surface deep emotions and the reason for them and then cleared them completely over the following few days.

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