It is known that everybody has the ability to heal and I discovered mine at a young age. I have always been able to feel my own and the energry and emotions of others around me.

Through extensive reading, self-healing seminars, healing workshops, and courses, my knowledge, intuition, and healing ability has increased over the years.

The life changing event happened when I met Bio-Energy Healing teacher Michael D’Alton who dedicated his time to teach Bio-Energy Healing and Law of Attraction.

I have received my practitioner Diploma from Michael D’Alton’s School of Bio-Energy Healing in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2015.

Another course followed the next year in 2016; Star Magic Facilitator Energy Healing Training with Jerry Sargeant in the UK, where I received a certificate.

Most recently I completed Intensive Certification Course on CCMBA/CCSMC and Black Pearl Energy Healing Techniques with Dr. Sharon Forest ND, PhD.

I’m ready to serve and help you discover the best version of yourself!

Olga Bron,
Bio-Energy Practitioner