Elaine C

Before treatment I was always anxious and unable to stand up for myself. I had stopped painting. I was depressed in general. After treatment with Olga I feel like my life opening up before me! I have started painting again.… Read More »


Number of Sessions: 4 + 1 Symptoms: Weak, scared, feeling sick and back pain Before the Bio-Energy treatment I was feeling weak; scared of something; feeling sick every day and I had recurring back pain. After the Bio-Energy treatments I… Read More »

Astrid Holm

Prior to sessions: depression, body aches, chronic fatigue, insomnia (have had for 25 years) After sessions: 5 treatments I feel incredibly good, my depression has lifted; I have no body aches whatsoever and I am running 5-7 days per week… Read More »

Angelica Kowcun

In simple terms, Olga is an amazing human being and a compassionate healer. She relates to people with ease and makes one feel like the center of the universe. I came to see Olga seeking to improve self-image and confidence.… Read More »

Alex Slautin

After 2 sessions with Olga my varicose veins got smoothed. I have highest energy level. Eczema has disappeared. I noticed quite reduced desire for sweets and alcohol.