Number of Sessions: 4 + 1
Symptoms: Weak, scared, feeling sick and back pain

Before the Bio-Energy treatment I was feeling weak; scared of something; feeling sick every day and I had recurring back pain.

After the Bio-Energy treatments I feel very good- especially after the final session where Olga put a shield around me and complemented that with a powerful affirmation.

I always believed in the energy around us and every object in the universe but I never personally bothered to delve deep into it; never tried to understand it and most importantly never consciously experienced it. For that I should thank Olga for making me aware of the energy and experience it and enjoy it every minute during the sessions.

All I can say is one has to experience it to believe it and understand what I went through. I am set to explore more about it, learn about it and experience it more.

Once again, my sincere thanks to Olga for helping me in getting closer towards finding me. God bless her, the universe and all of us. So be it! Thanks