Cauleene Pollock

I was diagnosed two years ago with CLL; a treatable form of Leukemia.  When I first met Olga to begin my four treatment sessions, I was suffering with extreme pain and very low energy.  I was tired all the time, and felt concern when I was driving as I would get so sleepy that I had to pull over and have a quick nap.  

Since my treatments, and one year later, I am still feeling good energy, have avoided colds and viral infections, and my extreme non-stop back pain has left me.  My hematologist and family doctor are both amazed at how well I look, my positive nature, and my amazing energy level. My white blood cell continues to elevate, however, my red blood cells are thriving and remaining at a high level. Normally at this stage, with CLL, my white blood cells would be destroying my red blood cells.  I have been able to avoid chemotherapy treatments.

I attribute my positive, happy outlook, my minimal back pain, and my high energy level to the treatments I have received from Olga Braun.  Because it is a year since my treatments, I will be starting another group of sessions with Olga shortly.

I highly recommend Olga to her future clients because of her amazing healing skills and her sincerity in wanting to help her clients recover from their health and mental disorders that cause them to have a low immunity to infections and viruses, and those who suffer with low energy, and depression.