Olga’s work and clarity were fascinating to experience. I have never felt the different sensations in my body before. I went for four days in a row and slept DEEPLY most of the nights after we did our hour sessions. I have had sleep disruption on and off for over 30 years, though it has improved lately. 

I felt scads and scads of deep old stuck energies literally peel off my arms and legs during the sessions. I had some inner awareness blink on suddenly, and felt very connected in ways I had not experienced before.

Olga was very perceptive and understanding of the situation I was bringing to be addressed, and after a month following her work, I think it has made a difference. I feel happier, more positive and hopeful, and my energy seems to be improving slowing and steadily.

The BioEnergy and Star Magic modalities are fascinating to me. I recommend giving Olga a chance to work with you on it if you have stubborn, stuck challenges that have eluded your ability to release them.